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J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer Medium Right



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The J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer is a 1/8th thick 13 long sleeve with two lateral and two medial spiral steel stays * It also has a tubular rubber buttress to align the patella * Laterally attached straps pull medially to displace force to the patella * The J-Brace allows compete range of motion while providing stability * 14 – 15 * Manufactured from DermaDry which combines the breathability and water-vapor transmission capabilities of open-cell sponge rubber with the durability stretch and compression of neoprene * This process allows perspiration to evaporate and is further enhanced by the KwikWick treatment of the soft polyester that coats the inside and outside of the braces * A flame lamination process is used to secure the KwikWick treated polyester to the rubber eliminating the need for industrial adhesives a known cause of contact dermatitis * Excellent for patellar instabilities subluxations and dislocations *

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