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NerveSpa Classic Nerve and Neuropathy Pain Relief System



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NerveSpa Classic Nerve and Neuropathy Hand and Foot Pain Relief System * Touch screen device with two modes of operation (A and B) * Built-in Microprocessor * 7.83Hz 80Hz Symmetrical Biphasic Square and Monophasic Waveform * Water resistant device * Reinforced lead wires * Extra-large foot bath fits up to size 14 men?s * FDA Registered * The Nerve Spa Classic is an Advanced Nerve and Neuropathy stimulator that utilizes a proprietary hybrid of electrotherapy including enhanced micro-current galvanic and TENS formulated into a proprietary specification?coupled with a monophasic waveform to target pain associated with early-onset peripheral neuropathy as well other nerve-based pain conditions in the hands and feet * 1 Year Warranty * Made in the USA * HCPC Code E02720 *

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