Non-Woven Drain IV Sponge 4 x4 6 Ply 25-2 Pk Sterile

Non-Woven Drain/ IV Sponge 4 x4 6 Ply 25-2/Pk Sterile


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NON-WOVEN DRAIN & IV SPONGES STERILE DRAIN SPONGE * 4 x 4 6 Ply 2/Pouch 25/Tray * Ideal for wound dressing prepping and scrubbing general purpose cleansing * Less linting than standard gauze * IV Sponge is a versatile non-woven dressing with pre-cut fenestration designed to fi around most drains tubes catheres or IV’s Unigue non-woven material elminates the risk of loose threads faling into the wound * Highly absorbent and economical *

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